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ACCREA Engineering (ACCREA)

ACCREA Engineering was established in 2007 as a spin-off company of the Technische Universität München, founded by Dr. Ing. Bartlomiej Stanczyk, former research assistant of the Institute of Automatic Control Engineering. ACCREA has several years experience in the fields of robotic, control and systems engineering and is currently active in the following fields: i) custom designs and feasibility studies of mechatronic systems, i.e. combining mechanical, electronic and control engineering ii) manufacturing & rapid prototyping of robotic arms, mobile platforms and other types of manipulators iii) consulting services in control and systems engineering iv) realtime control and embedded software development.

ACCREA is a multidisciplinary (mechanical engineers, electronic engineers, software engineers and graphic designers) and multilevel (technicians, engineers, PhDs) team, and is equipped with modern mechanical and electrical workshops (precise CNC routers, Laser-cutters) for manufacturing, assembling and testing of prototypes and small runs.

ACCREA’s team combines research background in control and robotics with industrial experience in computer aided design and manufacturing; has in-depth knowledge of system design and requirement engineering, in particular modeling and simulation, system identification, and robust controller design methodologies; integrates mechanical, electronic and embedded control. ACCREA has substantial experience in custom development of robotic systems. ACCREA was appointed to design and manufacture a number of anthropomorphic robotic arms and mobile platforms for Munich centre of excellence Cotesys, designed and manufactured a series of lightweight robotic arms with realtime control software for Technical University of Lublin. ACCREA is a partner in EU FP7 Projects IURO, MOBOT and REMEDI.