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Shadow Robot Company (SHADOW)

The Shadow Robot Company is a UK SME and Limited Company developing advanced robotics technologies and systems, including advanced manipulation technologies. The company was founded in 1997 by a group of independent robotics researchers and now includes 20 engineers working in a wide range of research and engineering capabilities across the entire range of robotics design and development.

Shadow is an active participant in the robotics research community, with strong links within Europe. As a member of European consortia like the EURobotics aisbl, Shadow helps set the strategic agenda for robotics research.

In previous European projects like TACO, HANDLE, STIFF-FLOP Shadow has been responsible for developing routes to market for project research, and in creating new spinout products from the research work of the project.

The Shadow team brings a variety of skills to bear ranging from deeply-embedded microcontroller systems through to design of advanced sensors and mechanical assemblies. Shadow develops advanced prototypes and does limited production of robotic systems at its London headquarters. Shadow has been developing and applying dextrous manipulation since 1998, and works with many of the lead innovators in sensing and control solutions. Shadow has extensive experience working with new and prototype electronics and sensing, and developing drivers and support for making use of these in R&I projects.

Shadow's team have long experience designing and developing new types of robotic hardware and systems, as well as significant expertise in the integration and systems engineering work required to support this process. In the FP7 IP's HANDLE and STIFF-FLOP Shadow has led integration and trial support work, bringing a clear focus on robust usable platforms that efficiently and effectively support research work. Shadow will provide a clear task-oriented focus to the integration and trials work of the project.

Shadow maintains an active technical development roadmap, and this project is seen as a key method of addressing significant parts of this roadmap. Because there are a number of ways to resource such work, in the event that there are multiple funding sources funding these roadmap activities, Shadow will seek to give the Commission best value for money by using any additional resources to increase available staffing and thereby advance the state of the art for all projects concurrently, while not allowing specific project requirements of one to impact on the schedule needs of others.